Zone 44/55, 7. - 14. September 2015

New video works, performance, posters and installation at DIAS Art Space at the beautiful Vallensbæk trainstation 20 minutes south of Copenhagen Central

Read an interview I did with the Danish newspaper Sydkysten

Translation of the intro:
“The Kayaking Man is the guy who doesn’t know Vallensbæk, and is trying to find his way through the suburb. In a strange sea - where there is always some water”. This cryptic explanation comes from artist Christian Hansen, who was born in Vallensbæk. He has produced video works about his native city, that are displayed in Vallensbæks Digital Art Space , DIAS, throughout Vestegnen Culture Week 2015. From September 7 to 13, the exhibition entitled "Zone 44/55" available in the station building, which houses SLIDES. You may, among other things, a visual tour of the city with Kayaking man. He comes around with his kayak in places where one would not think it possible, and he offers a look at the city and people from his odd, crooked angle. From the last ice age to the present day, and out in the near future.